Cheetah Racing Fuel was originally started by Mario Gaffiero of Just Fuel Petroleum Services which has been in operation for well over 15 years involved with all forms of motorsports. Mario, in this time, saw the problems race teams have been encumbering in sourcing consistant race fuels and hence the Cheetah name brand was born, specialising in High Performance Street and Track fuels.

Cheetah has made available JFP 105 Unleaded Racing Fuel and JFP 100 Unleaded Racing Fuel in all states and at the race track on race day through our distributors. Mario and the crew at Cheetah Racing understand that consistent fuel quality is what you need to become reliably competitive in your sport, wether it be for your high performance street car, rally car, circuit racer, drag racer, sprint car, mud racer, etc, etc, we have to fuel to suit every application.

Cheetah Racing Fuel is Blended right here in Australia from Australian Resources so you know that you are buying Australian, supporting Australian Jobs. Without the corporate overheads and diligence with the best possible products available Cheetah Race Fuels is able to provide you with top quality fuels at a realistic price.

Basically, Cheetah Race Fuels is owned and blended by High Performance car enthusiasts who are always looking at blending new fuels to try to squeeze more power from your pride and joy, in doing this we know you will be more than satisifed with the performance and quality of our fuels and prices.

There are major inconsistencies between fuels that are commercially available. This is because these fuels are designed for every day standard vehicles and consistency is not important. Pump grade premium unleaded from a service station is not always 98 octane. As long as its over 95 octane it is approved as it is recongnised that fuels deteriorate over time as they ‘go off’.

Therefore inconsistencies occur from service station to service station, and between transport batches. Valuable octane levels and other sensitive products are lost as the fuel ages.

The use of Conventional Premium Unleaded from many different sources (different pumps) will increase the risk of inferior fuel contamination in the field.

It is our experience that the fuel quality and storage practices with some service stations is questionable. Fuel contamination with inferior fuels is inevitable adding a further competitive variable to the equation and eroding the emphasis on driver ability and skill.

Our fuels are known to be top quality, consitant blends making your pride and joy perform at its tuned ultimate every time (with respect to weather, humidity, all known factors to affect your engines performance).

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