Chrome Molly (CrMo) CAMS Approved Roll Cage now available!

Brown Davis has been making chrome molly (CrMo) roll cages and high performance CrMo motorsport components for more than 35 years, for all categories of competition, right up to V8 supercars.

We can now supply chrome molly roll cages with full CAMS approval, for Polaris RZR side by sides.

Design will be very similar to the leading mild steel cages we have supplied for the last few years. Exactly those chosen by Cody Crocker for his and the factory team RZR Polaris’.

Not only will the new cages, with 650MPa tube, be even stronger, the weight will be about 1/3rd lighter.

The mild steel cage is 61kg while the CrMo cage is expected to come in at 40kg.

Sadly the CrMo cages will be more expensive to make, however, the mild steel cages will always stay available at the current type of price.

Most top competitors would tell you that a lighter car and a lower centre of gravity car for the SXS classes makes an enormous difference to their competitiveness in racing.

Most of the roll cage mass unfortunately ends up high on the car, thus effecting the centre of gravity badly.

This “top heavy” feel of the car contributes to a tendency of wanting to tip over.

The overall lighter car, of course, helps with faster acceleration and better braking as well as the faster and more staple cornering mentioned above.

Pricing will be available on line shortly.


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